Axess CONNECT.CRM makes a systematic structuring of customer relationships possible and helps to improve interaction with guests. The data is recorded centrally in the Axess DATACENTER. Here, a guest’s personal data is managed in a customer account and can be used for marketing activities. As an operator, CONNECT.CRM helps you to get to know the needs of your customers even better and is thus able to offer the best possible service. Querying time periods, purchasing behavior and specific personal data takes place centrally. After reporting, news can be sent directly to guests via SMS or email with the integrated, user-friendly newsletter tool. In addition to newsletter marketing, Axess CONNECT.CRM also offers customer retention via gamification. Here, a levelbased success system is used, which promotes interaction with guests.


By integrating Axess CONNECT.CRM with the DATACENTER, the central recording and structuring of the data takes place. The administration of the customer accounts and the collection of personal data offers you the possibility to adapt your marketing measures to the customer. Get to know your customers and their needs better and enable the best possible service for your guests. The integration of data from third-party programs is done simply by means of an interface.

• Data protection compliant capture of customer data
• Manage customer information
• Survey of buying behavior
• Sending of customized news via e-mail or SMS
• Individual reporting for marketing purposes
• Integration of data from third-party programs via interface possible
• Design customizable to the corporate identity


• Fast and intuitive usability
• Overview and management of purchased tickets
• Management of family members
• Management of credit card information
• Collect points and trophies
• Challenges with gaming factor
• Use on desktop and mobile devices possible

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  • Creation of individual offers and targeted communication via e-mail, SMS and push messages
  • Integration of partner companies for extended data collection and increased customer value
  • Definition of individual rules for collecting and redeeming bonus points and rewards
  • Connection of accounts to families/groups
  • Structured collection and analysis of customer data under consideration of the DSGVO
  • Evaluations and statistics at a glance

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