The entrance is the gateway to exciting worlds of experience. It should be fast and secure. Thanks to Axess, entry to unforgettable relaxation and enjoyment is child´s play.

Axess SMART RESERVATION is the innovative reservation system for many application areas in the fields of leisure, museums and attractions. The guest is guaranteed a fixed seat in the gondola at a certain time, in the car of an excursion train or in the limited group of a guided tour. With SMART RESERVATION, all reservations and booked contingents are always clearly arranged at a glance. 

Axess Smart Gates can be individually positioned by the operators. The only requirement is a WiFi connection. Thanks to the long-life battery pack the gate can be operated up to 10 hours wherever it is necessary.

Smart leisure pursuit starts at home

Today´s leisure pursuit starts at home. Tickets, excursions and much more offers for attractions are booked and payed in advance. With the intelligent complete systems from Axess, visitors and operators receive an overview of the features at all times.

Visitor management had never been so easy. Create a smarter and more efficient world of enjoyments with Axess hardware and software.