Electric Vehicle Charger

Axess EV CHARGE is a smart combined solution. Offer your guest, for example, a day's skiing with simultaneous permission to charge their e-car - all on one single card!
The guest purchases a permission to charge the car additionally with a ticket at the POS. The guest uses the same card to start the charging process at the Axess EV WALLBOX and also has access to the ski resort or an event.
During the charging process, there is no further billing according to charging capacity or the amount of energy charged. This means that no separate tariffs or additional charging cards from third-party providers are required. The operator always retains control over the availability of the charging stations and the total energy requirement.

  • Axess EV WALLBOX for wall mounting; comes in colors anthracite or white
  • Charging power of 11KW Color LEDs for display of status
  • RFID reader for smartcards ISO 14443 or ISO 15693
  • Network-capable via WLAN, LAN
    optional Axess EV WALLBOX STELE for mounting 1 or 2 WALLBOXES,
  • Single or double type, on free-standing stele

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