Axess SMART PRICING is one of the most effective tools for increasing sales and optimizing revenues. Already at the beginning of the season, this software enables a good forecast to be made for the following months. A special feature is that the system carries out a target vs actual calculation every day and adapts the price if necessary. This check ensures on the one hand that the desired revenue target can be achieved at the end of the season and on the other that a reduction in prices is still possible in the event of worsening conditions. These dynamic price models thus also ensure higher customer satisfaction, as a better price-performance ratio can be offered. Prices are clearly displayed in a calendar preview and can be readjusted manually by the operators on site in case of unexpected developments. Axess SMART PRICING is a very effective tool for increasing sales. The algorithm takes into account all of the important data, such as historical data from the previous season, vacation dates and weather forecasts for the following week, and automatically generates an adjusted ticket price.

  • Price categories are synchronized with the desired sales channels
  • A flexible and manual adjustment of the prices is possible
  • Increase in online sales and collection of customer data
  • Early-bird discounts for fast cash flow
  • Simple definition of discounts and promotional campaigns

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