The Axess INSIGHT.APP delivers all key figures to your smart phone in real time. This provides you with a perfect picture of current sales and of the number of guests or accesses at all times, even when you are on the move. Data sets from different points in time can be compared merely via a touch function.

Figures & data
  • Summary of key indicators
  • Display of sales, volume of guests and number of accesses or lift journeys
  • Setting for automatic updating of data
  • Configuration via Axess CLICS
  • Multi-platform app for iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile
Figures & data
Axess INSIGHT.APP enables you to undertake a real-time comparison of data and figures from two different points in time. You may, for example, wish to map the current day against the same period from last week. Other periods such as whole weeks, months and seasons and special weeks (Easter for instance) can also be compared with one another. This allows you to identify tendencies rapidly and arrive at the right conclusions.

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