Axess MOBILE PAY is a simple and secure payment option for parking lots that allows guests to pay the parking fee with their mobile phone on the way back to the vehicle. There is no need to go to the payment machine and no waiting time any more.Guests simply scan the QR code on the information board of the parking lot or the parking garage with their mobile phone and are automatically taken to the Axess MOBILE PAY website. The parking ticket can be scanned here or, if license plate recognition is also available, the license plate number can be typed in. The calculated parking fee is displayed immediately and can be paid by credit card or other modern payment options such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. The guest can now drive out directly.

Mobile Payment for Parking
  • Using parking tickets or optionally the vehicles license plate number to calculate the parking fee
  • QR code scanner for the parking ticket or typing the license plate number, optionally
  • Standard payment methods are supported: Credit cards and e.g. Apple Pay, Google Pay
  • No app installation required; No app registration required
  • Website accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Network-capable via WLAN, LAN
  • Customize the website by selecting a background image and the color of screen buttons
Advantages for the operator
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to partial elimination of mechanical readers.
  • Proven technology for controlling and evaluating the parking process.
  • Problem-free integration of pre-booking and validation possible.
  • Functions such as "lost ticket" are still available to the parking customer via the use of the receipt printer
Advantages for customers
  • Easy handling of a QR/barcode based ticket.
  • Use of additional services such as pre-booking or discounts. Also use of smartphone or printout possible.
  • Faster exit by simply scanning the code instead of inserting the ticket into the exit terminal.

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