At the F&B SELF SERVICE KIOSK, restaurant guests can place their food and drink orders themselves. There is an option to choose whether the order is for food at the table or to take away. Depending on the option, selected dishes and drinks can also be supplemented with possible additional offers (burger with fries or drink with ice cubes). Payment can be made cashless by credit card or Axess RESORT.CHARGE directly at the kiosk or with a voucher at the cashier. The F&B SELF SERVICE KIOSK not only enables the restaurant to operate completely cashless, but also increases the efficiency and speed of the ordering process. The guest then sees the number of their order on a queue monitor and knows when their order is ready for collection.
The kiosk can be integrated into an existing Axess RESORT.F&B solution at any time.

  • Simple and stress-free ordering for the guest
  • Cashless payment by credit card, with Axess RESORT.CHARGE or a voucher at the checkout
  • Multilingual
  • Reduces the workload of checkout staff for more focus on preparation
    • Option to work without a cashier
  • Queue monitor to display the status of the order
  • Manage and process the order via RESORT.F&B POS and/or kitchen monitor
  • Easy integration into existing RESORT.F&B solutions
  • F&B SELF SERVICE KIOSK suitable for:
    • Wall mounting
    • Mounting on floor stand can be operated on one side
    • Mounting on floor stand can be operated from both sides

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