Axess RESORT.RENTAL is the flexible solution for sports equipment rental. It gets top marks for its modular concept, is part of the Axess RESORT SOLUTIONS family and can be adapted to the needs of a business. Consistent data acquisition in the Axess DATACENTER enables a fast rental process as well as a secure and standardized service. Rental customers receive great support and benefit from a fast and simple procedure. Guest data administration and the recording and processing of rental orders is done centrally and offers process optimization for individual and group rental. Guests have the option of assembling their desired equipment in the web store’s self-service, at the RESORT.RENTAL CHECK IN PANEL or with the store consultant directly at the RESORT.RENTAL TECH DESK. Guests receive their booked equipment quickly and conveniently. In addition to sports equipment rental, RESORT.RENTAL also offers the possibility of integrating the retail sales of store products. These can be added and paid for either at the Axess SMART POS or directly at the TECH DESK. Extensive evaluation, statistics and clear lists of sales relieve your operational management. And you’ve always got all the figures on hand with just a few clicks.

  • Rental function - issue, exchange and return
  • Cash register function with touch surface
  • Integration of "Head BYS"
  • Group management for families and groups of people
  • Optional: secure document capture of passports or a driver's license via ID reader
  • Interface solutions for third party suppliers
  • Offline mode without restrictions
  • Payment Features: Pay last/Pay first/ Pay after
  • Extensive evaluations and statistics
  • Clear turnover and payment list and invoice search
  • Integrated management of generic barcodes 
The self-service station for guests

The Axess RESORT.RENTAL CHECK IN PANEL provides you with a digital check-in service which is able to store all guest data and preferences in advance. Guests select the equipment they want via an intuitive touch navigation system and book all of their reservations directly onto the Axess Smart Card. This drastically shortens the registration process and supplies operators with all the guest data they need to offer further services.

Download Axess RESORT.RENTAL folder

An intuitive software solution for operators

The Axess RESORT.RENTAL TECH DESK receives all information from the CHECK IN PANEL in real-time. This enables the technicians to prepare the equipment in the shortest possible time. It is completely integrated into the SMART POS and can therefore be managed by a service center. The intuitive software allows for quick and easy issue, return and exchange of equipment. Various return options, such as returning the entire equipment or just some parts, offer maximum flexibility to guests and staff at TECH DESK. The inventory is always up-to-date and can be called up at any time in "Inventory Management". The service of equipment can also be handled quickly and easily by TECH DESK. Axess RESORT.RENTAL TECH DESK is also directly connected to Axess RESORT.LOCKER and thus enables easy cross-selling. If the guest has not yet reserved a personal Locker, the store employee can subsequently book it on the guest's Axess Smart Card.

Download Axess RESORT.RENTAL folder


Axess SMART POS is the perfect POS system for RESORT.RENTAL and guarantees an extremely fast ticket issue combined with Ski Ticket and Locker. In addition, it automatically calculates the fee to be paid by guests who return equipment too late. The SMART POS TOUCH even makes a sales outlet mobile. 


With Axess HANDHELDS, all available and assigned goods are always in view. Skis, ski poles, ski boots etc. can be exchanged without any effort. Of course, all other goods in the shop are also sorted using the modern device.

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