The integrated software for mobile devices offers a start menu, the so-called KIOSK mode. The user selects MOBILE POE to get the applications MOBILE.READER or MOBILE.INSPECTOR. The software performs automatic updates at regular intervals. The HANDHELD must be located in the WLAN area to do so. The service personnel of Axess Helpdesk can log in to the mobile device via remote maintenance for help and problem solving.

  • 1D and 2D barcode tickets; Smart cards, optional
  • Optically highlighted display after validity check; signal colors green and red
  • After reading a ticket, a transaction file is generated, just like happening at a stationary POE. One entry-process is booked for the guest. The ticket is marked as 'used'
  • Transaction history for display of all reader transactions which are stored on the internal database


  • 1D and 2D barcode tickets; Smart Cards, optional
  • Ticket information; Personal data with picture;
  • First entries per day; All entries
  • When the ticket is read, a record is generated and stored local exclusively. It contains ticket, person and validity data
  • Validation history for display of all files generated by MOBILE.INSPECTOR which are stored on the internal database
  • Block tickets immediately; the blocking is valid right away
  • Axess MOBILE.POS is our application for mobile ticket sales
  • An intuitive menu navigation simplifies the operation and shortens the training
  • For the Axess software product MOBILE.POS, we offer our customers mobile devices from Zebra.
  • The mobile devices are available in various versions and designs.

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