Axess RESORT.LESSONS offers easy ski school integration into the Axess RESORT SOLUTIONS family. Its convenient time management suggests free time slots during the booking process and shows the status of available ski instructors. Ski instructor or ski course bookings may be made by guests at an Axess SMART POS on site or online. With just a few clicks, you can choose and book your personal ski lesson. After completing their online booking, guests receive a confirmation email. The operator has the option of managing the ski instructor management directly from RESORT.LESSONS. This includes reservations, billing and assessment rankings, among other things. In addition, for private ski lessons there is the option of communicating with ski instructors via the instant messaging function and providing them with all the information relevant to the guest. Via push messages such as SMS or mail, ski instructors and guests can be informed directly if an appointment is postponed.

Smart ski school administration

The Axess RESORT.LESSONS MANAGER is the center of data management. Here all inquiries such as bookings, ski instructors and the planning of ski instructor lessons or ski courses are managed. Thus, the booking is made at the POS and the intuitive user interface ensures easy operation. In addition, several ski schools can run under one Axess RESORT CUBE and private or group lessons can be booked here, as well as several lessons at once. Packages with booked hours, ski rental and tickets can be managed as well as ski instructors and their free hours, activities and a check if they are authorized to hold hours.

Available criteria when booking:

• Ski or snowboard lesson

• Private lesson or group incl. Number (Children and adults)

• Morning afternoon evening

• Duration of the booked hour

• Course level (beginner, intermediate, expert)

• Language of the student

• Options: Locker, Rental, Update Meeting Point

Once the booking criteria is selected, the open lessons are checked and

An appointment for the lesson is proposed.In addition, you have the capacity of all ski instructors, number of booked ski lessons, and all guest data clearly displayed at a glance.  If a guest wishes to change the times, or the meeting venue this will be recorded in the RESORT.LESSONS MANAGER and directly forwarded to the ski instructors by INSTRUCTOR APP.

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100% flexibility for your ski instructor. With the INSTRUCTOR APP the ski instructor gets all information regarding his courses, information about course participants and meeting points comfortably on his cell phone. In addition, a ski instructor can use the app to keep track of the lessons booked in his or her calendar. Information can also be sent to the RESORT.LESSONS MANAGER. In this way, all participants are always kept up to date.

  • Complete integration into the Axess RESORT SOLUTIONS family
  • Optimal utilization of the ski instructors through effective timeslot management
  • Simple group bookings via .csv import possible
  • Save a guest profile for easy reuse
  • Reports on the utilization of the ski centers
  • Customer feedback function
  • Push News for Instructors

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