All new! Axess Solutions in Armenia.

In 2016, the planning for the establishment of the year-round destination Myler Resort in Armenia began. In the winter season 2022/2023, the first test operation of the newly built 6-seater chairlift took place. Ticketing and access management, as well as the administration of the rental store, are handled by the Axess system.


Myler Resort in Armenia

The project around Myler Resort includes the building of three resorts with up to 16 lifts, several hotels, apartments, and other tourist infrastructure. The resort is being constructed in the east of the Aragaz mountain in the Aparan region. The very cold temperatures in winter provide perfect conditions for skiing and the mild summer months invite for other activities, such as hiking.


The entire ticketing zone, the restaurant and the rental store are in a modern wooden blockhouse. The Axess RESORT.RENTAL software ensures a smooth rental process for ski and sports equipment. Tech Desks were installed in the Rental Shop to make the rental process as simple as possible. The intuitive software enables the quick handover, return or change of the equipment. In addition, Axess SMART POS is implemented on the Tech Desk for the payment of rental fees. The store employees have all the necessary customer´s data and a real-time overview to the rental store's inventory. The smart software enables operators to provide professional handling as well as maximum customer service. It can be extended at any time by further modules of Axess RESORT SOLUTIONS such as Axess RESORT.LOCKER.

Smart Ticketing

  • Like most leading ski resorts, Myler Resort focuses on the combination of online ticketing and on-site ticket sales. Axess WEBSHOP provides an online ticketing solution that is integrated into the customer's website. On the way or from home, the guest can buy his ticket or other services via the online platform. The WEBSHOP and all related features and products are fully integrated into the Axess system, the frontend shows the website of the ski resort. After a successful purchase process, the guest receives a digital ticket with a QR code. Once at the Myler Resort, the guest scans the QR code of the ticket - either from the smartphone or Print@Home ticket - at the Axess PICK UP BOX 600, which issues the ticket in a matter of seconds, which the ski guest then stows in his jacket pocket.

    The main advantages of the PICK UP BOX at an overview:

    • - Fast output of online tickets for contact-free access
    • - No waiting times for guests at the ticket office
    • - Space-saving thanks to slim design
    • - Weather-proof
    • - Maintenance friendly

    The Axess SMART POS is available for on-site sales. The modern and powerful POS system is particularly convincing when there are large numbers of visitors and guarantees smooth ticket sales. A plus for all employees and operators because the focus can be placed on personal service with up- and cross-selling.

    AX500 Smart Gate NG

The AX500 Smart Gates NG ensure controlled and safe access to the new 6-seater chairlift. The operators decided for the "pallet mounted" version in order to be able to position the gates at a different location if necessary, e.g. in case of different requirements in the summer and winter seasons. In addition to the smart antennas, which guarantee hands-free access for ski guests, the access gates are equipped with the Axess TICKET SCANNER 600. This is used for ticket control of classic barcode tickets, as summer operation is also planned at the Myler Resort. Myler Resort has adopted the motto "Designing the next generation of ski resort". Next summer the Smart Gates will be upgraded with Axess BLE technology. What was the future yesterday is the present today: mobile ticketing. The smartphone turns into a ticket via the SkiWallet app and replaces the printed ski ticket.