Axess Smart POS

Powerful point-of-sale cash register system

At events that attract a large crowd, an effective and operator-friendly cash register system is essential for guaranteeing trouble-free processing. Lots of people want to get their ticket as quickly as possible in the shortest possible waiting time.
That is why Axess has developed the powerful Axess Smart POS cash register system. In addition to the fast ticket output, secure payment management is also possible. This is also the case with the printing of cash register reports, sales receipts and ticket information slips by the receipt printer. The “Smart POS Touch” touch-sensitive screen scores with these extras: very good resolution and high brightness. That way, convenient, simple and fast operation is guaranteed. Good to know: the Axess Smart POS also works off-line.

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Color display

Touch-sensitive screen

Receipt printer

Also usable as the ticket printer (Barcoded Tickets)

Axess Smart POS


  • Individually configurable user interface with logically structured menu operation
  • Simple programmable ticket issue, even with a complex pricing structure
  • Printout of reports at the receipt printer; similarly, sales receipts and ticket information slips
  • Online operation through real-time synchronization
  • Offline operation through local database – full function of the cash register, also when the data transfer is disturbed
  • Customer-specified combination of cash registers