AI Axess Intelligence

Axess has created a new platform that has a new name - Axess Intelligence.

Axess is using this year's Interalpin not only to show the brand new Axess SKI WALLET - which enables you to save the lift ticket on your mobile phone - but also to celebrate the 25th anniversary. It has been an extremly intensive 25 years to bring Axess from the idea to its present status - a worldwide operating company with 430 employees, 16 subsidiaries in 15 countries and a turnover of more than 78 million Euros.

Because to be successful, you not only have to have more ideas than others, you also have to have the ability to decide which of these ideas are good. Ideas and developments that will help to ensure that the company not only has a great future behins us, but above all still ahead of us.

Not surprisingly these new ideas follow Axess´ current claim "Smarter Solutions for a digital planet". The digital transformation of the industry is evolving and therefor Axess is moving forward. Turning from a hardware company that also supplies software into a full solution provider that is software centric. Axess has created a new platform that has a new name - Axess Intelligence

As these ideas are mainly software based and pretty complex in architecture and abstract, the company has decided to create a campaign over the next few months that explains the purpose of it. Just to give a small insight in some of the topics: It is about the integration of third-party solutions, flexibility in ticketing and business models, in hardware integration, scalability and availability. Overall aim is providing the most flexible, configurable, and integrative commerce, marketing and service-delivery platform for clients and markets.

Major availability is planned for winter 2025/26 for dedicated customers. Hybrid solutions containing AI classic fulfillment and extended AI components will be implemented until 2025.
Current projects: The Powder Group, Aspen (USA), Jungfraubahnen, Schilthornbahn (CH)