Running to Success: Team Axess at the Salzburg Business Run 2023

Salzburg, September 14, 2023 - Axess continues its tradition of participating in the Salzburg Business Run with a team of dedicated employees. The Salzburg Business Run undoubtedly ranks among the standout running events in the region.


The Salzburg Business Run

Today marked the day as over 7,500 employees from 450 different companies across the province took over Salzburg’s historic Old Town on Thursday evening. Business executives, owners, and managers, after weeks of preparation, were ready to take on the challenge. Axess employees also joined the event, donning matching running shirts.

The Route Options

  • As in previous years, the Salzburg Business Run offered two challenging route options. The classic distance covered 5.9 kilometers, while the Q-Trail, with its 12 kilometers and 400 meters of elevation gain through Salzburg’s picturesque hills, provided a more demanding choice. Additionally, members of the Nordic Walking community were invited to actively support the event.

    The Finish Line in Sight

  • With remarkable energy and endurance, all Team Axess participants crossed the finish line. They not only achieved personal best times but also set records for Axess. To add a delightful conclusion to the jubilant atmosphere, a shared dinner was enjoyed afterward, marking not only a sporting success but also a moment of community and team cohesion that will be cherished in memory.