Smart technology for the Kehlsteinhaus

A world-famous lookout, high above Berchtesgaden: the historic Kehlsteinhaus. Since fall 2021, Axess has been ensuring smooth visitor management at this popular tourist destination and its hardware acts as the starting point for the 6.5 km long bus tour that scales an altitude of over 700 meters.

Millions of guests and day-trippers visit the famous mountain experience “Berchtesgaden” every year. Among the top excursion destinations is the Kehlsteinhaus, internationally known as the 'Eagles Nest'. A majestic viewpoint over the valley, you can see as far as 200 km in to the distance. If you don't want to hike to the lookout at 1,881 meters, you can take the bus tour up to the panoramic view along the architecturally unique Kehlsteinstrasse – the buses will be fully electric from summer 2023. Since fall 2021, Axess hardware and software products have been providing digital and future-oriented ticketing and access management at the Kehlsteinhaus.

Smart ticket sales

Sitting at an altitude of 970 meters on the Obersalzberg, you will find the visitor center and bus terminal. A total of six cash desks, equipped with the latest generation of Axess SMART POS, ensure fast ticket sales on site. In addition, guests can pre-purchase their bus ticket conveniently from home via the Axess WEBSHOP. The integrated quota system ensures that the bus tour cannot be overbooked. The guest selects the desired day and time in the WEBSHOP and thus reserves a seat. In order for the bus tours to depart smoothly and on schedule, the guest must select the time for the outward and return journey.

"For the Kehlsteinhaus, it was important to us to offer our guests a modern, high-quality checkout system with the option of online booking. This means that our guests can conveniently get the online ticket on their smartphone at their accommodation and board the booked bus up to the Kehlsteinhaus without needing to visit a ticket kiosk or cash desk." says Michael Wendl, Managing Director of the Zweckverband Bergerlebnis Berchtesgaden.

The Kehlsteinhaus is a popular destination, especially among tour groups. The Axess SMART RESERVATION software is used in Berchtesgaden to manage group reservations. Requests from various sales channels can be centrally managed and clearly displayed in SMART RESERVATION MANAGER. Thanks to the web-based application, no additional installation is required. This allows group bookings to be reserved and paid for in advance.

Digitalization in tourism

Innovative software combines with modern hardware. If the guest wants to change the time for their return trip on site, this can be done at the Axess SMART POST 600 with ease. After a successful ticket scan, the guest can change the time of the return trip via the touchscreen. For smooth handling, there is a SMART POST 600 at both the bus departure point and the exit of the bus tour.

The intuitive Axess HANDHELDS are located in the excursion buses for ticket control. The mobile devices can be used directly by the bus driver to read, validate or, if desired, rebook the ticket. Thanks to the simple handling, there is no need for extensive staff training and the HANDHELDS can be integrated easily into the daily work routine.

The bus tour up to the Kehlsteinhaus is only possible in the summer months. Between May and October 2022, 250,000 accesses were processed using the Axess system. Smooth and reliable ticketing and access management is essential to offer guests an all-around unique excursion experience, especially on the busy sun shining days.

In addition to the Kehlsteinhaus in Berchtesgaden, the Axess system is also used for visitor management locally at Lake Königssee and the cable car Jennerbahn.

Copyright: Bergerlebnis Berchtesgaden