Axess at the "White Roof" of Innsbruck

The ski resort with Olympic flair, located 11 km southwest of Innsbruck, has already been serviced by Axess since 2017. The most recently opened 10-person gondola lift "Hoadlbahn" was equipped with the latest Axess hardware. Similar to the "Golden Roof" in the center of Innsbruck, the ski resort Axamer Lizum is known as the "White Roof".

Olympic flair

In the early 1960´s, the Axamer Lizum was highlighted as a venue for winter sports. Because of the excellent snow guarantee, the ski resort was chosen twice as the venue for the Winter Olympics. The ski resort was built for the 1964 Olympic Games and expanded for the 1976 Games. Parallel to the existing funicular railroad "Olympiabahn", a stateof-the-art 10-person gondola lift "Hoadl I + II" with two sections now leads up to 2,340 m above sea level. The AX500 Smart Gates NG - Flap ensure fast and safe access for skiers.

More Axess Smart Gates

The Tyrolean ski resort has already been equipped with Axess Smart Solutions for the past five years. At all lifts, access is controlled by AX500 Smart Gates NG. The flexible gates can be individually adapted to customer needs and also modified at a later date. Whether turnstile or motor-supported flap modules, all options are open. Due to the modular design, new and existing gates can be extended by additional modules at any time, for example with the Axess CONTROLLER 600 or Axess TICKET SCANNER 600.

Equipped with the Flap module, skiers can pass through the gates barrier-free and without any obstacles. The integrated long-range antenna identifies the RFID ticket in a fraction of a second; if the ticket check is positive, the gate opens and the guest can pass through it without contact. Thanks to the latest ropeway technology and innovative access control, guests can now follow in the footsteps of the Olympic legends even faster.

Digital Solutions

Online ticket sales are handled by the Axess WEBSHOP. Whether at home or on the road, the ski guest can purchase a day or multi-day ski pass at their own convenience. After purchasing the pass successfully, the customer receives a voucher with QR code by e-mail. At the valley station of the "Hoadlbahn" the guest scans the QR code at the Axess PICK UP BOX 600 and receives their Axess CARD. This can then be stowed in the jacket pocket as usual and contactless access to skiing fun is guaranteed.