AX500 Smart Gate NG - gantry mounted Turnstile

The suspended gate which can be swung back

The AX500 Smart Gate NG is a reliable gate that works perfectly at any type of weather conditions and even after millions of opening and closing cycles. You can select the type of installation, antenna, reader and separation yourself and to your individual needs. With our online configurator you can put the system together and view in your browser at home.

The suspended gates can be swung back and be adjusted in height. Combined with single or double wide range antenna and innovative 2-arm Turnstile modules they offer skiers maximum convenience when they pass through.

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one or both sides equipped with wide range antenna


AX500 Ticket Scanner


with Flap module

AX500 Smart Gate NG - gantry mounted Turnstile


  • up to 6 parallel access traces
  • turn mode is suppressed for small items, e.g. poles
  • "hands-free" card control
  • AX500 Gate Controller module with optional graphic display for checking the ticket in ONLINE and OFFLINE mode
  • mounting possibilities: height adjustable, pivoting suspension (gantry)