The sustainable and environmentally friendly solution

See and feel natural materials and enjoy the full functionality of Axess CARDS. With the new Axess NATURE CARD, you can make an important contribution to the environment and show it. With modern smartcard technology inside it, a wide range of ticket variants such as multi-day, weekly or season tickets, debitable value cards, or event tickets can be loaded. The Axess NATURE CARD consists almost exclusively of paper and decorative natural materials on the reverse side. It can therefore be placed in the waste paper recycling bin.


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  • Ecologically outstanding, as it is mainly made of paperboard and paper
  • Decorative natural materials convey a pleasing feel at the same time; design choices: hay, moss or flowers
  • Imprinted on the front; direct thermal printing, layout design in 4-color UV offset printing
  • Material is reusable: the card can therefore be recycled after use
  • Multiple electronic data storage possible; contactless data reading
  • Data storage segmented according to customer specifications; ISO 15693 RFID chip, optional ISO 14443 RFID chip
  • Reliable under normal conditions, temperature or direct sunlight