Unique ice skating in the middle of Austria's capital - the successful concept of the Vienna Ice World could be carried out for the 27th time in winter 2022. For the first time, the complete visitor management was handled by Axess systems.

Romantic atmosphere, beaming faces, and the magical ambience on the 9,500sqm ice rink attract thousands of visitors from Austria and abroad every year. Even after more than 25 years of success, the event in front of the Vienna City Hall has not lost its charm.

The new visitor management includes a fully comprehensive solution to make ticket purchase, reservations for skate rental and service, and access to the ice experience as easy and smooth as possible for visitors. "We are very proud to be able to win Stadt Wien Marketing GmbH as a customer, and thus to be part of the successful concept 'Wiener Eistraum'," Christian Müller - Head of Business Unit Leisure - is pleased to say.

The age of digitalization has long since arrived in the leisure sector as well. Visitors have four options for purchasing tickets: 1) on the road or from 2) home in the Axess WEBSHOP or 3) on site at the ticket office with personal advice. Here, the latest generation of Axess SMART POS is in use. In addition - as a fourth option - four devices of the type: Axess TICKET KIOSK 600 are available, at which visitors can buy their tickets cashless and in a self-service procedure - long waiting lines are a thing of the past. With all four variants, skate rental or service can also be paid for directly.

13 AX500 Smart Gates NG - Mobile Pallet ensure safe and smooth access to the ice rinks. The gates are mounted on mobile pallets, so they can be used flexibly and independent of location and can be conveniently loaded after the event. Equipped with the Axess TICKET SCANNER 600, QR codes and barcode tickets are reliably read, and the visitor is granted access. Axess HANDHELDS are available to the operator for extended ticket control. With the handy devices, tickets can also be read and controlled independent of location.

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