Before kickoff, only one thing counts: smooth entry. Speed and security at the stadium entrance are essential for operators and visitors. Since the 2020/2021 season, the Axess SMART SCANNER 600 NFC has been used to check tickets at the German Bundesliga club Borussia Mönchengladbach.

Update for the access system

New technologies in the ongoing digitalization don´t stop at the soccer world. The existing third-party system (turnstile gates) was equipped with the SMART SCANNER 600 NFC to process the entry of up to 54,000 fans in the shortest possible time. In addition to classic data carriers such as QR codes on Print@Home tickets or e-tickets, NFC-enabled devices can now also be used: The smartphone turns into an ticket. Tickets can be purchased in the ticket provider's web store and then added to the NFC Wallet. Using Google Pay or Apple Pay, the guest simply and conveniently opens his ticket in the app. By holding the smartphone over the NFC antenna the visitor can pass through the gate in a fraction of a second.

The existing turnstile gates (third-party) also received an update. With the extension of the AX500 Smart Post NG, the accesses are not only "up to date" again, but also convince visually with a modern and shapely design. The robust pedestal made of anodized aluminum is weatherproof and individually configurable thanks to the modular design. The integrated SMART SCANNER 600 NFC reads any type of ticket, as the e-tickets.

Interview with Matthias Schulz, Head of Ticketing - Borussia VfL 1900 Mönchengladbach:

What was the main reason for choosing an access system from Axess?

“At the beginning of the Corona pandemic, we worked intensively on the conversion of the access control system. At the time, only six scanners in the entire BORUSSIA PARK could read Print@Home tickets. In order to be able to respond to any new requirements and demands at short notice, we urgently needed the ability to read Print@Home tickets and mobile tickets throughout the entire stadium. To this end, we checked the market and ran through three scenarios with the various providers.

  • Scenario 1: Replace the reading unit only and continue to use the existing corpus of the turnstile gate

  • Scenario 2: Replace the complete access control system

  • Scenario 3: Replace the complete access control system including the corpus, change of electrics, fencing, routing.

The team of Axess convinced us from the beginning with a high flexibility and solution orientation. For all scenarios, convincing solution options were presented. In the end, we decided to implement scenario 1, as it allowed us to achieve the greatest effect with the least effort. In addition, the reading unit that is now installed can also be adopted in the event of a complete retrofit of the entire access control system at a later date. This was an important aspect in the decision-making process.”

Are there any improvements / differences to the system in the previous stadium?

“The biggest advance is the use of Print@Home tickets, mobile tickets, and NFC-enabled devices. This is an elementary standard in this day and age.

The new interface between our ticketing system from CTS Eventimsports and Axess CLICS  allows us to transfer data easily and quickly between the systems. The setup and transfer of match days also works much more intuitively and with better performance than before. In addition, we can benefit from the numerous existing interfaces from Axess. These were used, for example, for the international match between Germany and Italy at BORUSSIA-PARK.

In addition, Axess CLICS provides a much better data situation, from which we benefit greatly in clearing on match days, in the admission phase and in the follow-up.”

How satisfied were you with the project management?

“The project execution ran absolutely smoothly and to our full satisfaction. The team of Axess operates highly professional and has proven to be a strong partner at eye level.”

Would you recommend Axess solutions and services to others?

“We can recommend the Axess solution and service without doubt. With Axess we know that we have a reliable partner at our side. We look forward to working with them to solve future challenges in the best possible way and to continue to develop together.”

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