Open Sesame! Zeyrek Cinili Hamam as (S)Paradise

Nestled in the historic alleyways of Istanbul, Zeyrek Cinili Hamam, a jewel of Ottoman architecture, shines in new splendor. After 13 years of restoration, which has brought the baths into the modern age, the new doors open in a symbiosis of past and future.


Rich in history

The Even in the historic city of Istanbul, Zeyrek Cinili Hamam is considered to be particularly old and extraordinary. The oriental bath was built between 1530 and 1540 by the Chief Royal Architect Sinan. The hammam survived several major fires and earthquakes in the 18th century and underwent its first major renovation between 1833 and 1850.  Over the years, the women's entrance, the oven and the water tank were renewed and the original flooring and roof were replaced. In order to meet the requirements of a modern Turkish bathhouse, a 13-year restoration began in 2010 and was completed in September 2023.

First museum, then hammam

Zeyrek Cinili Hamam has been open again since September 30, 2023, but as a museum for the time being. For the "Healing Ruins" exhibition, 22 Turkish and international artists are exhibiting some of their works created especially  for this location. As with the bathhouse later on, access to the museum is provided by Axess solutions. Both the entrance and the exit were designed with the AX500 Smart Gates NG as an access solution.

  • Webshop & SPA operation

  • Day tickets, bath admissions and gift vouchers: Thanks to the Axess WEBSHOP, guests can purchase, download and save tickets on their smartphone at any time and from anywhere – or print them out at the Smart POS locations on site. The cooperation with Axess also has other operational benefits: Axess WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT LIGHT 
    software manages the souvenir store, while Axess RESORT.LESSONS and Axess RESORT.F&B take care of the 
    employees' weekly calendars and drinks orders in the hammam.
  • The stylish design of the Axess gates fits perfectly into the overall concept of the historic site.
  • The Axess SMART SCANNER 600 NFC reads the tickets and opens the gates automatically.
  • The turnstiles rotate in both directions and lower automatically to clear the way in emergency situations or in the event of a power failure. All four gates are equipped with these functions.

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