Wonder of the World Relies on Austrian Quality

Chichén Itzá, one of the most prestigious archaeological sites on Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was selected as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007. The archaeological site is located around 120 kilometers east of the city of Mérida.


Unlocking history

With an area of 1547 hectares, Chichén Itzá is one of the most extensive Mayan sites in Yucatán. The historic site is occupied by numerous buildings with a religious and political background, from which the famous step pyramid stands out. The first excavations took place here in 1875. To date, Chichén Itzá remains the second most visited archaeological site in all of Mexico. Axess was able to meet the high requirements for a reliable access system thanks to its innovative technology and know-how in the industry.

A wide range of the companies installations on site ensure reliable access and ticket management. Eight Axess TICKET KIOSK 600 enable visitors to buy and print out tickets or pay for parking tickets around the clock. The Axess WEBSHOP provides operators with an online ticketing solution that has been fully integrated into the existing website. Visitors can find the ticket store on the general website with the option of buying tickets conveniently from home and on the go.

Smart Hardware on site

25 high-performance POS systems, Axess SMART POS, guarantee a smooth process for visitors who want to buy their tickets on site with a cashier. In addition to fast ticket issuing, the system offers secure payment management and simple administration, for example by creating cash register reports, sales receipts and ticket information receipts directly on the receipt printer. 14 AX500 Smart Gates NG Turnstile and 10 AX500 Smart Gates NG Flap ADA were installed at the entrance for quick and contactless access to the ruins. 

The AX500 Smart Gates NG use a sensor to detect when a visitor with a valid ticket approaches and trigger the barrier to open. This enables the gates to be passed without any human contact and increases the user-friendliness of the devices. Thanks to the extra-long flaps, the ADA version of the AX500 Smart Gate NG Flap is particularly suitable for wide entrances such as those needed for strollers or wheelchair users. Integrated motion sensors also ensure that small objects carried along, such as umbrellas or bags, are detected and the time it takes to pass through the gate is automatically adjusted. 

Axess HANDHELDS are used for mobile ticket control in order to be able to check tickets flexibly at any time and from any location. The handy devices can also take on the function of a mobile cash register. Thanks to their robust and weatherproof design, a high-quality touchscreen with a daylight-compatible color display and intuitive operation, the HANDHELDS are ideally suited for outdoor use.

  • Parking integration

    Equally important was the seamless integration of the parking management system into the ticketing and access system with Axess PARKING. With a barrier opening time of just 1.3 seconds, the Axess PARKING system enables fast entry and exit from the site. In addition, the integrated license plate recognition enables easy access for employees and regular visitors. With the holistic digital solutions from Axess, the historic world heritage site of Chichén Itzá is ideally equipped for the digital future.

    Together with our partner Promtec, Axess will continue to realize further exciting projects in Yucatán and Mexico.

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