AX500 Smart Gate NG - Flap

The perfect access for museums, trade fairs or theme parks

AX500 Smart Gate NG - Flap is an ideal access control system for exhibitions, stadia, leisure or tourist attractions. Even in the tightest of spaces a multi-lane access can be installed for controlled passage of many guests. The Axess SMART SCANNER 600 is the integrated module for fast ticket reading - simply hold the data medium in the generous scanning area and nothing stands in the way of a perfect experience!


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AX500 Smart Gate NG - Flap


  • Sensors on the turnstiles provide contactless access at an adjustable rotation speed
  • Axess SMART SCANNER 600 with touch function and integrated Axess Controller 600, service menu for access configuration; LAN
  • Scanning of barcodes; optional reading of transponders with smartcard function
  • Optional: Axess BADGE BOX 600 for immediate badge printing at the entrance to the trade fair; large storage area for badges
  • Optional: IN/OUT proximity sensors for check-in/check-out, e.g. at stadium access
  • Optional: Space-saving, multi-lane access with Axess SMG MOBILE PALLET