Axess goes Azerbaijan

The ski resort Tufandag in Azerbaijan has been equipped with the latest Axess technology since January 2023. Various software solutions and hardware products ensure smooth visitor management and satisfied operators. The ski resort Tufandag is the first Axess project in Azerbaijan.

Ski resort Tufandag

Tufandag is not only popular among winter sports guests, but is also considered a popular year-round destination for various activities in Azerbaijan. Many attractions and services such as night skiing, sledge areas and much more attract numerous tourists to the ski resort and vacation destination in the Caucasus Mountains.

Smart modular design

AX500 Smart Gates NG are used for access control. All gates are equipped with the Axess CONTROLLER 600 and the Axess TICKET SCANNER 600 modules to cover all ticket control possibilities in year-round operation. The gates at the lifts are equipped with long-range antennas for contactless access. These antennas detect the RFID card in the guest's jacket pocket in a fraction of a second and open the gate if the ticket check is positive. Thanks to the modular design, all gates can be equipped with the relevant modules or even adapted later, depending on the customer´s needs.

Digitalization is the future

The ski resort Tufandag invests in digitalization and thus in the future of state-of-the-art visitor management. In the areas of rental and ski school, the software solutions Axess RESORT.RENTAL and Axess RESORT.LESSONS are used. With RESORT.RENTAL, the ski resort has a flexible solution for the rental of sports and leisure equipment. At the check-in desk, customers can order the desired rental items in a self-service process and register with their personal data. This reduces the registration process at the cash register and drop-off point, leaving more time for customer advice. The employees in the store can immediately go to all customer data and can thereby concentrate more on upselling and cross-selling.

With RESORT.LESSONS, managing a ski school becomes child's play. All inquiries as well as bookings are recorded in the central data management. The planning of ski instructors for ski courses and lessons can also be done via the same platform. The intuitive user interface guarantees easy operation.

The high-performance Axess SMART POS cash register is used for ticket sales. Fast ticket sales and reliable payment management are essential, especially when there is a high visitor traffic. The touch screen enables easy operation of the monitor as well as numerous features of the SMART POS support the cashier staff for smooth ticket handling. The button positions can be created entirely according to the customer's wishes, as well as being divided into several button levels and colored graphically. With the first installations of Axess hardware and software products, the ski resort Tufandag is ready for the digital future. Further software additions are already being planned.