Smarter Solutions for EUROPEAN ROTORS

The EUROPEAN ROTORS trade show brings together all aspects and players of the rotorcraft industry in Europe. The second edition of the event was marked with great success and managed holistically by Axess.

Smart access for trade show

EUROPEAN ROTORS was held in Cologne at the beginning of November 2022. The premiere event was hosted in Friedrichshafen in 2021. In 2021, as well as in 2022, the access management of the trade fair was handled with Axess. With a pleasing increase in the number of exhibitors as well as an enormous growth in visitors, the trade fair has already become the second largest VTOL event in the world. In November 2022, the entire ticketing and access of the event at the exhibition center of Cologne was done with Axess hardware and software. "As project manager for European Rotors Show I had a pleasure to work with Team Axess. The corporation was smooth, professional and customer friendly from the beginning to the end and no request was too much for them. I can only recommend companies services and I am looking forward to work with Axess on the next project" says Anna Tulis Ewald, Project Manager of EUROPEAN ROTORS.

Smart Gates with WIFI and battery pack

The AX500 Smart Gates NG - Mobile Palette were used to ensure smooth access. The devices were rented from the Axess rental stock for the duration of the event. The gates, which thanks to their integrated battery pack and WLAN connection can be moved easily, quickly, and flexibly to any desired location, have been positioned on site.

The flexible access system can be perfectly used for different types of events. The pallet is equipped with wheels to allow a quick change of position of the gate. In addition, the access can be configured as single- or multi-lane according to the customer's requirements, and it is completely wireless. The WIFI module provides wireless online operation of the gate with the powerful Axess SMART SCANNER 600 control module. The long-life battery pack powers the gate and has an average power output of 10 hours in normal use.

Butterfly Badge

The AX500 Smart Gate NG - Mobile Palette can be extended with the Axess BADGE BOX 600 according to the customer needs. With the ticket already purchased or registered online in advance, the visitor badge can be printed directly at the entry gate. Butterfly badges were used for the EUROPEAN ROTORS. The badge is printed on both sides with the visitor information, thanks to the sturdy paper a plastic case to protect the badge is not necessary.

Exhibitor & Visitor Ticketing Solutions

As in most branches, ticketing in the trade fair sector is mainly handled online. The Axess VISITOR.TICKETSHOP was used for ticket sales. On site, trade visitors could purchase their tickets at the Axess SMART POS and register by themselves via the Axess VISITOR.SELFREGISTRATION. For the exhibitors, as well, everything was focused on digitalization. Via Axess EXHIBITOR.PLATFORM, exhibitors can manage their exhibitor passes and voucher invitations and evaluate the status of these. In a dashboard, exhibitors always have an overview of all relevant information.