Axess FLAP 600 Standard

Access control when it needs to be fast

Brief opening and closing times are especially important when a lot of people pass through an access control. The Axess FLAP 600 Standard Module is best suited for this in both inside as well as outside areas because of its robust, weather-resistant design. The swivel-mounted flap arms make modern, barrier-free access possible and makes what every visitor dreams of possible: a quick passage through the entry control mechanism, without having to wait long. The crank drive makes stepless adjustment of the speed for opening and closing the swivel arms possible. Additional highlights are the integrated motion sensors for closing and for suppressing operation when faced with small objects such as ski poles. It is no problem to combine the AX500 Flap Module with the AX500 Smart Gate NG, thus offering secure access control.


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Axess FLAP 600 Standard


  • Robust, weather-resistant design; suitable for the inside and outside areas
  • Suitable for all AX500 SmartGates of the gantry and floor-mounted types
  • Crank drive with infinitely variable speeds for the OPENING and CLOSING sequence
  • Integrated photoelectric motion sensors with operation suppressed when faced with small objects, e.g. ski poles
  • CLOSING sequence will be initiated by motion sensors or by TIME-OUT
  • Optional: Extra long swivel arms for extra wide access; flap arms in paddle style