AX500 Ticket Dispenser

Built for high performance

A ticket printer to impress! The thermo-direct printer produces barcoded tickets in various, selectable formats and promises you and your customers trouble-free and uncomplicated access. Being equipped with an endless roll of paper for printing up to 2,500 tickets, the constant changing of paper belongs to the past. The AX500 Ticket Dispenser impresses with its clean design: the illuminated ticket request button and the cutter for the integrated cutting of the barcoded tickets allow the ticket printer to perform elegantly. The AX500 Ticket Dispenser can be easily and perfectly into the Car Axess parking solution and the AX500 TVM.


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AX500 Ticket Dispenser


  • Modular construction for integration into AX500 CarAxess and AX500 TVM
  • Printout of barcoded tickets in various selectable formats
  • Endless paper roll for about 2,500 tickets