AX500 Smart Post NG

The modular access solution from Axess

The slim column AX500 SmartPost of anodized aluminum is particularly suitable for electronic access control. The AX500 Gate Controller 32bit module controls the entire ticket reading, the validation, the door control or the barrier, as well as the data storage and the communication with the AX500 DataCenter. As a contactless ticket short range reader, the Axess Smart Scanner is the best way.

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AX500 Smart Post NG


  • electronic components in service-friendly modular design
  • indoor and outdoor capable
  • space-saving, durable and weatherproof
  • ISO 15693 / ISO 14443 Proximity Reader (3-DES Encryption optional);
  • prepared for NFC
  • integrated controller for online card verification or autarkic operation
  • flash data storage for ~ 9 million data sets
  • TCP/IP integration
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