Showtime at Mountain Planet

Showtime in Grenoble - Axess awaits visitors from all over the world to experience our holistic ticketing and access management solution for ski resorts. 


As the ski industry gathered at Alpexpo in Grenoble for Mountain Planet 2024, anticipation is high for the latest innovations set to revolutionize the way ski resorts operate. At the forefront of this innovation wave stands Axess AG, excited to showcase a lineup of  products designed to elevate guest experiences and streamline resort operations. 

New Innovations featured at Mountain Planet:

Axess SkiWallet App: Your Ticket to the Slopes, Reinvented. Time has come for the digital ski ticket. After purchasing in the WEBSTORE, tickets can be saved in the Axess SkiWallet App. The ticket is read at the gate without having to take the phone out of your jacket. Everything works just like with a previous chipcard ticket - but now on your mobile phone! At our booth visitors can test the functionality and reliability of SkiWallet in person. 

Axess Intelligence - AI: Pioneering the Future of Ticketing & Access Management. With Axess Intelligence we ease the way for the integration of third-party solutions, flexibility in ticketing and business models, in hardware integration, scalability and availability. Overall aim is providing the most flexible, configurable, and integrative commerce, marketing and service-delivery platform for clients and markets. Our experts on site can give an introduction into the new possibilities AI brings to their business. As a part of AI we feature our Axess TICKET KIOSK 600 with added AI functionality. 

Axess WEBSTORE: Empowering Seamless Online Bookings. Axess WEBSTORE sets the standard for seamless ticketing solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Designed with corporate aesthetics in mind, our B2C platform seamlessly integrates into your company's branding without incurring additional design costs, ensuring a cohesive and professional appearance. Features like online cancellations can be easily integrated as well. 

Axess MOBILE PAY: Simplifying Parking Payments. Axess MOBILE PAY is a simple and secure payment option for parking lots that allows guests to pay the parking fee with their mobile phone on the way back to the vehicle. There is no need to go to the payment machine and no waiting time any more.Guests simply scan the QR code on the information board of the parking lot or the parking garage with their mobile phone and are automatically taken to the Axess MOBILE PAY website. The parking ticket can be scanned here or, if license plate recognition is also available, the license plate number can be typed in. The calculated parking fee is displayed immediately and can be paid by credit card or other modern payment options such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. The guest can now drive out directly. At Mountain Planet Axess MOBILE PAY was successfully integrated and can be used by all visitors of the fair to pay their parking fee on their phone. 

More Highlights 

For every big Event like Mountain Planet we think about new ways to make the Axess Booth a special place on the fairground. This year we have a DJ on site playing music all day for our booth team, clients and visitors. Secondly our Team from Axess France brought loads of French delicacies to Mountain Planet which can be consumed in our Axess Bistro. Last but not least our Axess Jäger Post is the star of the show giving out shots when a ticket or QR-code is scanned. 

From digital ticketing to intelligent data analytics, Axess remains committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible, ensuring that every guest experience is nothing short of extraordinary. Welcome to the future of ticketing and access management with Axess.



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