Upgrade for the Jennerbahn

The Jennerbahn in Bavaria, which is already equipped with Axess technology, has expanded its 2021 offering to include uncomplicated online ticket purchasing.

Since 2019, the valley station of the traditional Jennerbahn mountain railway has been resplendent in a new look. Massive reconstruction work and the new installation of the lift system with an investment budget of 47 million euros made the lift one of the most modern in Europe just two years ago. At that time, Axess – with RESORT SOLUTIONS – was also involved in the "renaissance" of the mountain. In addition to the new 10-person gondola, the access system was also completely redesigned, with Axess AX500 Smart Gates NG, PICK UP BOXes, Smart Printers and of course the Axess WEBSHOP. Because the demand for online purchases is experiencing a boost – not least due to the coronavirus - those responsible at the Jennerbahn 2021 have expanded the modular Axess system to include the TICKET FRAMEs 600.

We are very happy to have Axess as a strong and innovative partner for our ticketing and access system at our side. With the product diversity and the sophisticated technology, we also feel perfectly equipped for the future“ – says Franz Moderegger, Board of Directors Jennerbahn.

Fast & easy integration

The integration of the three additional TICKET FRAMEs 600 was completed in less than a day: "Thanks to the existing Axess RESORT SOLUTIONS, the installation was child's play. The FRAMEs immediately fit into the existing system. We spent most of our time that day mounting the frames to the wall and wiring them. We were done in a few hours, including training of the employees," says Director of Sales DACH Axess Markus Weyrer. 

Small effort, big effect

Despite the relatively low expenditure and effort, the installation has a strong positive influence on the guest experience. At the valley station, the TICKET FRAMEs 600 are primarily used to reduce queues and speed up the purchasing process. Customers can spontaneously print out QR day tickets without having to visit the ticket office and use them to go directly to the lift. The TICKET FRAMEs complement the existing PICK UP BOXes, which print out tickets previously purchased in the online WEBSHOP as RFID cards. Even season tickets can be configured independently at the TICKET FRAME and then picked up at the PICK UP BOX via voucher. 

Another advantage for cable car operators and guests is the installation of a TICKET FRAME at the middle station of the Jennerbahn. Hikers who want to descend spontaneously in summer or want to go even higher can get their ticket there directly - and without any additional costs for ticket office staff. The next step towards perfect customer service and an autonomous future.