Smart visitor management for baths and pools

Leisure fun and Axess technology meet at six baths around Lake Attersee. Equipped with the innovative software and hardware solutions, the Lakeside baths are perfectly prepared for the future in terms of visitor management.

The trend of visiting public baths and pools is still on the rise. More and more people want to spend their leisure time in modern and well-maintained facilities. To make visitor management run smoothly, Axess provides a flexible complete solution in the areas of ticketing and access.

In total, six baths around Lake Attersee are managed with the Axess systems. A complete solution - individually customized for each bath. Depending on the requirements, different products and configurations of Axess software and hardware are in use.

The Attersee baths are:

  • Erlebnisbad Attersee

  • Strandbad Seewalchen

  • Seebad Schönauer Schörfling

  • Strandbad Weyregg

  • Strandbad Steinbach

  • Strandbad Unterach

Digital sales channels

Tickets are sold through three sales channels. A "must" for all businesses with an eye to the future is the Axess WEBSHOP. Day tickets, season tickets and other items can be purchased conveniently and at any time online, season tickets can be reloaded using a WTP number. This not only reduces the workload of the cashiers on site, but also makes it possible to forecast daily occupancy rates. Numerous baths around Lake Attersee have invested in maintenance over the past two years and included the aspect of visitor management, because the leisure experience already begins with the ticket purchase.

The elegant and stylish design of Axess products fits perfectly into modern entrance areas. The latest generation of Axess SMART POS is used for on-site sales. In addition, guests can pay for their admission at the Axess TICKET FRAME 600 in a self-service process - the QR code printed on the ticket grants access at the gate - simply, quickly and securely.


Depending on customer requirements, different Axess CARDS & TICKETS are used. Several amendments can be stored on RFID chip cards in ticket format or as a whristband and the ticket can be personalized - ideal for season or permanent tickets. By using the Axess LANE CONTROL CAMERA at the entrance, card misuse of season tickets can be reduced to a minimum. For daily admission, most baths have classic BON TICKETS with a QR code printed on them. Even if the Axess system is customized for each establishment, a common season ticket was developed, which grants the swimmer access to each of the six baths. A simple system with maximum comfort for the guests.

Smart Visitor Management

The access is controlled by AX500 Smart Gates NG and was installed in the versions "Turnstile" and "Flap". Equipped with the Axess SMART SCANNER 600 NFC, the smartphone will become a ticket in the future. In addition to the classic data carriers such as RFID chip cards or QR codes, thanks to NFC technology, one's own smartphone - completely contactless - can be used as an admission ticket in the future.

Ticket capacity and utilization figures have become indispensable for numerous leisure operators. In the WEBSHOP, a maximum number of tickets to be sold can be stored in order not to exceed eventual capacity restrictions. By means of an interface to the operator's website, guests can view the current occupancy rate of the bath online at any time.


In addition to ticketing and access control, locker management is also handled by the Axess system. Whether for daily or permanent guests, the lockers can be booked according to customer preferences and easily managed by the operator. In the locker management tool, employees can view the status of each locker, have an overall view, and can block the locker in case of irregularities. If, for example, fewer lockers are needed in the off-season or on bad weather days, lockers can also be blocked. All this can be controlled from an intuitive and central platform.

Equipped with the smart software and hardware solutions from Axess, the baths and pools are prepared for the digital future. Thanks to the flexible complete solution, the system can be expanded and supplemented at any time.

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