IAAPA Expo Europe 2022

Axess provides services to Water- and other Theme Parks, Sightseeing Attractions as well as Museums. Among them growing demand for self-service and automation requires a fully integrated solution with operational efficiency. Axess' holistic solutions address today's challenges while creating an enhanced customer experience.

13 - 15 September 2022 IAAPA Expo Europe 2022 London - Booth #2618

With a long history in access control and visitor management we have common practice for decades. Standing out with our "one-stop-shop" solution that integrates all aspects of hardware, software, and communication between all services and partner companies we fulfill all demands of nowadays leisure parks.  From online sales to digital tickets and automated venue access, Axess seamlessly harmonizes all aspects of these processes.

Axess Leisure Industry Solutions

  • Choice of mobile ticketing or on-site self-service ticket kiosk

  • Dynamic capacity management for your venue

  • Electronic payment

  • Digital tickets that are sent directly to your smartphone

  • Automated doormen and security gates

  • Faster access to the venue and less queuing

  • Capture of customer data to create insights-driven and actionable analytics

  • Covid Certificate Check