Mont Blanc (Quebec) and Axess: Contactless skiing

Among all the peaks in the Laurentian / Mont-Tremblant region of Quebec, Mont Blanc in particular is very popular. Now the family-friendly ski resort is relying on contactless solutions from Axess.

Mont Blanc is a ski resort in the Laurentian Mountains and is located in the south of Mont-Tremblant in the community of Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré, Quebec, Canada. The ski area has 7 lifts that transport up to 9800 guests per hour on 43 slopes and a snowpark. The variety of slopes offers skiers and snowboarders of different levels many suitable opportunities for an exciting day in the Canadian mountains. Only there you can find, among other things, excellent snow conditions, which attract many skiers year after year. Since 1976 the resort is owned by the American lawyer Phillip Robinson and is managed by his two sons William and Michael.

With Axess AG, the ski resort has now embarked on a modernization for the 2020/21 winter season. Mont Blanc wanted to finally use a new technology and get a better overview of guest behaviour, turnover and possible improvements. For access to the lifts AX500 Smart Gates NG Flap were installed, which allow contactless passage. This has become an additional important factor in times of Covid-19's presence. The gates of the Austrian trendsetter in the field of ticketing and access management are particularly convincing in this aspect. A sensor at the gate detects that a guest is approaching and opens it. Additional sensors in turn recognize when the person has passed through and close the gate again.

In addition, Axess SMART PRINTER 600 and Axess SMART PADs 600 were installed in order to optimize the checkout process for the operators on site. The SMART PRINTER 600 impresses above all with its speed, as well as its slim design and functional diversity. The system prints, deletes, codes and reads tickets in a wide range of formats in just one single step. The SMART PAD 600 is used to read and write stored data, enabling intelligent card verification in just a few seconds. An integrated controller manages the card verification online, as well as in stand-alone operation.

With the innovative products from Axess, the Mont Blanc ski resort can now evaluate data at a glance and make it available to the management. Strategic planning of pricing or limitations can then be implemented immediately. The skiers themselves have the highest possible protection against infection in the ski resort through the contactless systems and benefit from dynamic card prices. A Win-Win situation for operators and ski guests.