Stöckli and Axess are partnering up

Stöckli, the Swiss high quality ski manufacturer, will equip their ski rental locations with Axess RESORT.RENTAL.

The Swiss sporting goods manufacturer Stöckli Swiss Sports AG will have its specialist stores equipped with the Rental System from Axess. With the Austrian company's modern systems in the ski rental sector, the stores will be able to offer their customers faster service for a carefree day of skiing.

Stöckli Swiss Sports AG was founded in 1935 by Josef Stöckli and has been owned by the family ever since. In 1967 they finally decided to sell their skis only through direct sale. For this reason, the first Stöckli branch was opened in Sörenberg in 1981 and is still in operation to this day. The quality of its products are of particular importance to the Swiss company.

The perfect system

The branches of the sporting goods manufacturer can be roughly divided into two categories. On the one hand, there are rental and service centers, mainly located in the mountains and specialized in the rental of ski equipment. On the other hand, Stöckli operates lowland branches that focus more on selling the equipment for a perfect day in the Swiss mountains. Axess will start by modernizing the system in the rental and service centers. Here, the desire for integration of a binding testing device was particularly strong.

With Axess RESORT.RENTAL, Stöckli will soon have a flexible solution for the rental of high-quality sports equipment. The software can be perfectly adapted to the needs on site and scores points above all with its modular concept. With RESORT.RENTAL, customers receive perfect support and benefit from a fast and simple process. Guests has the possibility to choose the desired equipment in the self-service in the webshop, at the RESORT.RENTAL CHECK IN PANEL or with the store consultant directly at the RESORT.RENTAL TECH DESK. In this way guests receive their equipment quickly and conveniently.

All inclusive solution

It was very important for the project to create several interfaces to connect the individual system components with each other. For this purpose, Axess created a system concept so that the production, the web store GetMySki and the individual stores can work together without problems and are always up to date. In the future, visitors will be able to check in via their smartphones to provide the operators on site with data that is relevant for the rental of the appropriate equipment. Once in the store, they can go directly to a technician or pick up the prepared skis.

"The cooperation with Stöckli is very important to us," says Igor Jacimovic, Sales Engineer at Axess. "Stöckli is one of the most renowned ski manufacturers in Europe and the partnership with them allows us to get a lot of feedback on our software directly from the experts on site. The integration of our software into Stöckli's existing system landscape is definitely a challenge, but one that we will master and that will make working with the system much easier and better for our customer".

In the first phase of this major project, all rental and service centers in the mountains will be equipped with Axess software solutions. The stores in the cities will gradually be added in phase 2. Through this, Stöckli will ensure that ski rentals run smoothly in the future and ensure an unforgettable time in the breathtaking mountains of Switzerland.