Axess supports safe and secure entry to Co-op Live

Axess UK is delighted to announce that it is providing access control equipment and support services to Co-op Live, delivering a secure, customer friendly and sustainable means of entry to the UK’s newest and largest music venue.

Ethics and Sustainability at the Heart of Co-op Live

Ethics are at the heart of Co-op Live, a joint venture between Oak View Group and City Football Group, alongside investment from the likes of musician Harry Styles. From its sustainable construction to innovative planet friendly initiatives, Co-op Live aims to become one of the world’s greenest and most socially responsible live entertainments venue. Sustainability is at the core of both the design and ongoing operation of Co-op Live, who join Manchester City Council in their commitment to zero carbon. From renewable energy, minimized thermal loss, energy efficient lighting, rainwater harvesting, sustainable and public transport and the use of digital tickets, Co-op Live is committed to doing more to use less.

Cutting Edge Ticketing and Access Management

From conception, this project has required a strategic approach to ensure that technology can undertake much of the heavy lifting. In the case of fan ingress to the arena the solution came in the shape of Axess’s high quality glass access gates, activated by Ticketmasters Safetix ticket distribution technology. This state-of-the-art entry approach offers alternative ticket media choices to fans of NFC based “contactless” wallets or rotating bar codes that refresh every 15 seconds, both methods reducing ticket fraud by making it impossible to copy a valid ticket.

Enhancing the Fan Experience

Automated entry through the Axess Smart Terminal 600 flap gates also requires less staffing and releases supervisor staff to fulfill a “meet and greet” role, enhancing the fan experience by warmly welcoming and directing guests to the correct entrance. The replacement of paper tickets and the repurposing of staff into a valued customer engagement role adds to the safe, secure and friendly atmosphere when arriving at Co-op Live, way before the entertainment begins. In the month since Co-op Live opened in May 2024 the entry process has been slick with no faults having been reported. Simple and seamless are some of the comments echoed from staff and fans alike.

A sustainable investment

With a predicated operational lifespan of at least 10 years, Axess’ entry solution is a sustainable and sound investment by Oak View Group and Co-op Live, set to lead the charge as the UK’s first next generation live entertainment venue.

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