Bulgarian Ambassador at Axess

Axess, the leading provider of resort solutions, had the honor of hosting the Ambassador of Bulgaria, Desislava Naydenova-Gospodinova, along with Dr. Emilian Abadjiev and Chamber of Commerce representative Philippa Roberts at their headquarters. The meeting was filled with interesting discussions about the IT world, economic constellations, and market potential.

Axess has already made a mark in Bulgaria by equipping four ski resorts - Pamporovo, Malyovitsa, Panichishte, and Traventuria - with the latest resort solutions. This has not gone unnoticed by the Bulgarian delegation, who expressed interest in potential collaborations in various fields.

Lars Wolf, Claudia Wuppinger-Kopetzky, Gabriele Artner-Walkner, and Martin Rieser warmly welcomed their guests and provided insights into Axess's operations. The visit was an opportunity to explore future partnerships and continue discussions on possible cooperations.

With such high-level diplomatic encounters, Axess continues to strengthen its position in the global market and showcase its expertise in providing innovative solutions for the resort industry. The talks between the Bulgarian delegation and Axess are set to continue, paving the way for exciting opportunities in the future.

(Picture: left to right: Martin Rieser, Philippa Roberts, Gabriele Artner-Walkner, Lars Wolf, Desislava Naydenova-Gospodinova, Claudia Wuppinger-Kopetzky, Emilian Abadjiev