Turnstile 600 Panic Mechanic

High-performance device for your emergency exit

Especially at major events and trade fairs, it is important that visitors can leave the venue quickly and in an orderly manner in an emergency. The Turnstile 600 Panic Mechanic, combined with the retractable AX500 Collapsible Lane Divider, is approved for emergency outputs, making it the right choice. If a quick exit is necessary, the turnstile passage is simply released by means of an emergency stop switch and the control devices sink into the ground. Even in case of power outages, you can rely on the panic mechanics, because then the spars automatically flap downwards and a safe exit is possible. Equipped with your holding magnet, this system is perfect for your emergency outputs.


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Dual-arm hub


Robust Nirosta bars held by radial/axial hinges

Turnstile 600 Panic Mechanic


  • 24V - DC holding magnet with 100% ED
  • In case of power failure or alarm, shafts fold down automatically