Turnstile 600

Contactless and weather-resistant access control

Axess systems are convincing! Whether indoors or outdoors - the Turnstile 600 offers optimized access controls for all conceivable ambient conditions. Depending on the customer's requirements, the module is available as a floor-free or standing floor-mounted version. The turnstile can be programmed in the rotation speed as well as in the motion sequence. One- and two-directional operation of the Turnstile 600 is possible. In addition, the freewheel setting in the event of a power failure ensures optimum safety for your customers. Another highlight: The contactless light switch allows a passage without touching the turnstile. In addition, the angular momentum for small objects in the 600 gymnastics style is suppressed. Thus, for example, ski poles in ski resorts do not become a problem.


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Turnstile 600


  • Suitable for all AX500 SmartGates indoors and outdoors
  • Simple installation in modular design
  • Angular momentum is suppressed for small objects, e. g. B. Ski poles
  • Turnstile can rotate in both directions, for IN-, or IN&OUT operation