Flap 600 Paddle ADA

Secure admission control, thanks to extra long swivel arms

The secure admission Flap 600 Paddle ADA Module is especially well suited for extra-wide access. The extra long swivel arms in paddle style protect your entrance against unauthorized access while providing a convenient, barrier-free entrance for your customers and guests. The speed of the opening-and-closing sequence can be individually and continuously increased or decreased with a crank drive. The closure of the swivel arms is, in addition, initiated by integrated motion sensors or through TIME-OUT. Integrated photoelectric motion sensors see to it in addition that smaller objects brought along by your customers or guests are recognized as such, thus allowing for a safe passage.


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Flap 600 Paddle ADA


  • Robust, weather-resistant design; suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Suitable for all AX500 SmartGates of the gantry or floor-mounted type
  • Crank drive with continuously adjustable speed for the OPENING and CLOSING sequence
  • Integrated photoelectric motion sensors with suppression of small objects, such as ski poles
  • CLOSING sequence is initiated by motion sensors, or through TIME-OUT
  • Optional: Extra long swivel arms for extra wide access; flap arms in paddle style