Fast, user-friendly parking space management

Quick and uncomplicated access to the parking ticket: Axess PARKING is made for speedy ticket processing during entry to and exit from a parking area. In the process, both the reading and checking of barcode tickets as well as RFID chip cards for long-term parking is possible. Additional features are a display screen and a call button with intercom system. Axess PARKING thus provides for the optimum in user-friendliness. For connection to the host, a single LAN connection is necessary. This multi-option device for your parking area can be operated in the online as well as the offline mode.

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Memory capacity

up to 100,000 entry or exit events


Pillar holds AX500 ticket dispenser



  • Fast and cost-effective issue of barcoded parking tickets
  • Reading and checking of the barcoded tickets and RFID chip cards for long-term parking.
  • Works in both OFFLINE and ONLINE mode