AX500 Smart Gate NG - Mobile Pallet and WIFI

The position-flexible gate from Axess

The combination of the AX500 Smart Gate NG, Mobile Pallet and WIFI is the perfect portable solution for stadia and arenas which offers your venue complete independence. The pallet is equipped with wheels to enable a quick change to the position of the gate. With two or more gates in a row, a multilane can be created easily. Axess WIFI is the advanced module for wireless online operation of an AX500 Smart Gate NG with the powerful reader and controller module Axess SMART SCANNER 600. Completely wireless when running on the integrated long-lasting battery pack without the usual power cords. A 24V (lithium) battery with 40Ah loading capacity provides the gate with electricity and enables an average duration of 10 hours under normal use.


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Axess WIFI

For wireless online activities

Battery Pack

Average running time of 10 hours

Mobile Palett

Includes wheels for easier transport

AX500 Smart Gate NG - Mobile Pallet and WIFI


  • SMG independent of location within the WLAN area
  • Communication and power supply completely wireless
  • Generously dimensioned battery pack, depending on the demands on the SMG for about one operating shift; simply battery change with a few steps
  • Mobile Pallet provided with wheels for easy transport and with indentations on the opposite side - suitable for row installation
  • TURNSTILE PANIC ASYMETRIC with optional panic function for instant opening of the passage