The self-service ticket machine

The Axess TICKET FRAME 600 sets new standards. The design is reminiscent of a picture frame perfectly hung on the wall. When in standby mode, a photo or other image can be displayed on the screen that hides an incredible range of functions. Top up an entry ticket, day ticket or other ticket at this new machine in just seconds. The ticket is activated by entering the unique WTP ID number of an existing card and paying by credit card, giving the customer immediate access to the event location, site or train. Don’t have your ticket at hand? A voucher with a QR code can be printed out that customers can use at the Axess PICK UP BOX 600 to obtain a duplicate ticket. Both of these processes are contactless, helping minimize corona risks. By the way, this is absolutely the fastest way to get a ticket on-site – 24 hours a day.


Axess PICK UP BOX 600

Pre-paid ticket collection

Getting your ticket has never been so easy. In just seconds, Axess PICK UP BOX 600 issues tickets purchased from the Axess WEBSHOP or the ski resort’s online ticket shop. Scan the barcode on a paper Print@Home voucher or an electronic voucher on your phone. The ticket is instantly issued by the PICK UP BOX – making long waits in line at the register a thing of the past. Its space-saving, sturdy design makes for easy installation and set-up on-site, and enables reliable operation no matter the weather. Thanks to its modular construction, our PICK UP BOX is also easy to maintain and can be upgraded with the latest technical innovations. Multiple tickets for groups can be issued and printed all at once, simply by scanning the QR code.

The side panel can be fitted to suit the desired layout, and information or promotional messages can be displayed on the scanner’s touchscreen.

Himos – Finland

Himos ski resort in Finland was among the first to implement the idea of a digital valley station. With the expectation that more sales can be generated by selling the tickets online as well as a solid forecast of the revenues, they started. On the one hand, tickets are sold on the Himos website to guests who want to book at home or on the go. The Axess PICK UP BOX 600, which issues the RFID-tickets, is then ready on site at the resort. All without crowds or queuing at the cash desk. On the other hand the new Axess TICKET FRAME 600 offers guests, who are already on site, the opportunity to buy tickets in self-service. The vending machine issues a voucher with which the ticket is issued at the PICK UP BOX next to it. All other extended services of the ski area are also offered at this digital sales point, which operates like a "live" webshop.



"One of the first customers to get the Axess TICKET FRAME 600"