On 16 December 2017, the Korean “Lotte Hotels & Resorts” opened its first ski resort in Myokao in the Prefecture of Niigata in Japan. The aim of the investors is to turn the “Lotte Arai Resort” into Asia’s number one premium ski destination. Luxury hotels, high-end restaurants and an exclusive spa will all provide guests with maximum levels of comfort away from the slopes. In order to create a premium infrastructure, premium providers are required. In the field of access and visitor management, the company has chosen to put its faith in the most innovative complete system to be found anywhere in the branch – Axess Resort Solutions 4.0.

The former “Arai Mountain Resort and Spa” has undergone a comprehensive renovation and is now geared towards total luxury. This clearly defines the vision embraced by the Lotte Group. The objective is to create the “best ski resort in Asia”. Guests will be able to enjoy 257 luxurious rooms in top-category hotels, an extensive Japanese-style onsen and spa facility and a wide selection of restaurants and shops.  

In order to ensure all sporting needs are also met, the resort’s five existing ski lifts have been fully revitalized and equipped with twelve Axess Smart Gate NG systems for the purpose of access control. The Axess HANDHELD 600 will also be used to conduct mobile ticket checks. Tickets comprise Axess Smart Card PART type RFID chip cards, which guests obtain at one of seven Axess SMART POS. Guests are also able to purchase tickets from the Axess WEBSHOP prior to their departure from home. These are issued in the form of vouchers, which can then be converted into a valid ticket at one of the cash desks or AX500 TVM ticket vending machines.

A resort which is open all year round

In the winter months, the resort offers eleven immaculately prepared slopes with a total altitude drop of 951 meters. The longest continuous slope measures 5,200 meters. However, the intention is also to fire the enthusiasm of visitors during the warmer seasons of the year. Adventure areas, a boulder course, Japan’s longest zip wire and a tubing run have been installed. The products included in the Axess RESORT SOLUTIONS line will enable straightforward adaptation or expansion of sporting provision going forwards. This offers the operator a unique degree of future flexibility

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