A step into the future: The Norwegian ski resort of Geilo is placing its confidence in Axess from here onwards.

In order to guarantee the attractiveness of the ski resort in the future and to be able to offer guests a positive experience, the Norwegian ski resort of Geilo decided to redesign its access management. Axess RESORT SOLUTIONS 4.0 immediately convinced the decision-makers. This smart integrated system from the Axess stable will replace the existing system as from the winter season 2017/18. The Norwegian ski resort of Geilo lies around 240 km west of Oslo and is Norway’s oldest ski resort. It is known as a versatile resort for all kinds of winter sports. Alpine skiers will find their own individual level on one of the 40 different ski runs. There are eight snow parks for snowboarders and 220 km of immaculately prepared ski tracks are available for Cross-country skiing. The ski resort is also known as a paradise for kite skiing. Geilo sees itself as a multifaceted resort with a highly modern orientation. It has also set itself the goal of keeping up with the latest state of technology in terms of infrastructure. Access management in times of digital change Intelligent and digitally connected systems are increasingly taking over all areas of our everyday life. They offer the possibility of integrating processes and making them simpler. The ski ticket purely as proof of entitlement at the gates is obsolete. RFID chip cards such as the Axess Smart Card make it possible to use various kinds of services. The basis for this is a centrally networked resort solution consisting of intelligent hardware and software. Axess is Geilo’s new partner As a provider of resort solutions, Axess AG was immediately able to convince the decisionmakers in Geilo during their search for an innovative access solution for the future. “Innovation and thinking in terms of solutions are deeply anchored in the Axess company culture. For us, a resort solution is not just a product package but a wellthought-out centrally networked integrated solution in which all components are ‘made by Axess’”, according to Oliver Suter, Axess CSO and board member. From next season on, the existing gates in Geilo will be replaced with 41 gantry and floormounted variants of the Axess Smart Gate NG. the Axess Flap Module permits convenient and contact-free access. AX500 Ticket Scanners will also be installed in three ski buses. The checkout areas will be equipped with nine Axess Smart POS. This modern POS system from Axess can be operated intuitively by means of a touch screen and this permits the fast and simple processing of customer flows. In order to avoid queuing at the cash desks, skiers in Geilo can in future collect the ski tickets they have bought online themselves at a one of the 16 Axess PICK UP BOX 600

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