Barcelona's local transport with new ticketing: Ferrocarills

Axess's new hard- & software solution for Barcelona's public transport System.

The "Ferrocarrils de Catalunya" - FGC - transports millions of passengers a year in its trains through the Barcelona metropolitan region and connects important sights in Catalonia on rails. For Axess, it was the first major project in Spain.

Update for local traffic

As a pillar of Barcelona's public transport system, the FGC is an indispensable means of transport for the metropolis's inhabitants - and for tourists. For more than 40 years, people in the city have been using the "Ferrocarrils" to get from Plaça de Catalunya to highlights such as Tibidabo or to travel comfortably from the city to Montserrat by cable car. Each year, the FGC replaces a good 80 million individual car trips and over 80,000 truck trips - a saving of thousands of tons of CO₂ emissions.

A new era in Barcelona

While the trains continue to meet passenger demands, it was time for the ticketing system to adapt to progress. Axess began to usher in the future of passenger dispatching at FGC with a complete hardware and software solution. On the one hand, the Axess WEBSHOP was seamlessly integrated into the existing IT infrastructure. The visual appearance remained untouched on the outside, while full functionality in terms of online ticketing was added for the user. At the same time, Axess PICK UP BOXes were installed at the points of sale to allow ordered tickets to be printed out directly. For residents and tourists a plus in convenience for everyday life.

About Ferrocarrils

The operations of Ferrocarrils de Catalunya extend far beyond the borders of Barcelona. Trains, funiculars, cable cars, rack railways, chairlifts, gondola lifts and ski lifts are operated under the FGC umbrella. Especially the surrounding municipalities such as Vallès, Baix Llobregat, Anoia are accessed by the FGC. But also the Pyrenees, with the line from Lleida to La Pobla, can be explored with the trains.

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