Messe Dornbirn: more safety for events

In the days before Corona, around 160 events were held annually at the Dornbirn Exhibition Center. Over 2000 exhibitors and more than 420,000 visitors gathered here every year to experience trade fairs, concerts, sport events or conferences together. Now similarly high visitor numbers can be expected again.

Due to the 15 halls with an area of 34,000m2 and an open space of 18,000m2, Messe Dornbirn is one of the largest exhibition centers in Austria. Built in 1957, the grounds provide an exhibition venue for international and national markets and is continuously getting expanded. Messe Dornbirn is located in a tourism-experienced region in the heart of the German-speaking alpine arc and is easily accessible for business metropoles such as Zurich, Milan or Stuttgart.

Whether at trade and public fairs or other events, safety plays a major role, especially in times of Corona. This is where the trade fair turned to Axess to install a visitor management system as a security measure for guests and employees.

A central component of the new system is the Axess VISITOR.TICKETSHOP. In addition to the online sale of tickets, visitor registration is also processed here. For the audience on site, which did not already buy a ticket online, the registration is done via the 12 Axess SMART POS. By registering the visitors at the smart gates by Axess, the traceability and security of the visitors is ensured and was an essential part of the COVID concept. Among others, 10 mobile AX500 Smart Gates NG with Mobile Palette and WIFI with Axess SMART SCANNER 600 were installed, as well as 7 Axess HANDHELDS

Thanks to the easy-to-configure software, the visitor management system can be easily adapted to the needs of the organizers with a simple mouse click.  In addition to that, special reports were created for the Messe Dornbirn and interfaces to Feratel and oeTicket were set up for future events.

Vincent Hofer, Business Development Manager for Fairs & Convention Centers at Axess says about the project: "There was no access system on the exhibition grounds. But the demand for one had been there for a long time. Thanks to the support of Matthias Bröll, IT Manager of Messe Dornbirn, and the professional team behind him, we were able to implement the project in record time. The contract was signed in mid-August and the first event could already take place at the beginning of September.”