Kazakhstan's largest ski resort relies on Axess on site.

The ski resort in Shymbulak is the largest in Kazakhstan and, with a capacity of over 9000 visitors, also the most visited in the entire country. The prestigious project is located just 30km south of Almaty and operates all year round. Due to the great demand and the start of this large project, Axess AG decided to establish a subsidiary in Kazakhstan. In total, 26 AX500 Smart Gates NG with Turnstile Module, 11 Axess PARKING and 10 Axess SMART POS were installed in Shymbulak, among others.

Manager of the new Axess branch, Alexey Domnitskiy says about this opportunity, "I believe we have great potential here and to be honest I love our products. Already since 2016 I wanted to represent Axess systems on the market in Kazakhstan, as I've been working with them since 2011."

Currently, there is a rather smaller team working on the ground, but that could change soon. Indeed, there is great potential for the tourism market in Kazakhstan's ski resorts, offering such a huge pool of project opportunities.

Based in one of the largest countries in the world, Axess AG can now count 19 branches in 13 countries among its partners. In addition to Kazakhstan, new branches in China, Spain, Croatia and the USA (Axess Americas Events Inc.) could be won. Thus, more than 300 employees are now working on future solutions for sports, leisure, culture and transport.