Axess supports Covid-19 research

Axess AG, together with conova and other Salzburg-based companies, supports the Covid-19 research. To this purpose, the unused computing power of the computers will be donated to the scientific project Folding@home in St. Louis in order to simulate the folding of proteins.

Fighting together against the coronavirus, Salzburg companies and private individuals are donating unused computer services. Because in modern computer centers of IT departments there is a lot of power available that is not in use around the clock. These free resources are now being donated to Washington University. The University is using them to simulate the folding of proteins in order to use the results to represent the structure of the virus as accurately as possible and to find drugs against it. This technique is used, for example, in diseases such as Alzheimer's, cancer or, as is now the case with Covid-19. 

The more computer power that is devoted to this project, the more accurately the virus can be digitally analyzed. It is divided into work packages, so-called work units, and distributed to the computers involved in the project. Together, the conova team, in which Axess is also a key partner, has already made it to 1985 rank among over 254,000 participants worldwide. And efforts will continue to be collected in the service of a good cause in order to jointly support this enormously important project. 

"As an innovative company, we ourselves have developed a product that offers protection against infection in times of the Corona pandemic. The "Axess T&M" module controls at access points whether the person has a fever and whether he or she wears a mask. This makes events in stadiums and theme parks safer and makes them as infection-proof as possible. The use of this additional module at the gate is also being considered in the ski sector. Therefore it is only natural to be part of the project of Conova AG in favor of the research on Covid-19. We are very happy to make our unused computing capacities available to this great project," says Oliver Suter, CSO and CEO of Axess AG