FLAP 600 Paddle

Barrier-free Access in Paddle-Style

The FLAP 600 Paddle Module makes your entrance doubly secure with its Flap Paddle Arms (winner of the "Innovationspreis 2012 der Salzburger Wirtschaft")! What can be prevented especially by this is the "Schwarzfahren" in the area of ​​Touristic Transport. It integrates perfectly with the AX500 Gantry or Floor mounted Smart Gate. Mounted on the access track on the left and right, paddle-style swing arms provide barrier-free access for all your customers and guests. The robust, weather-resistant design allows for indoor as well as outdoor installation and promises durability. The integrated movement transmitter prevents the early closing of the swivel arms and makes the access particularly comfortable. To handle the onslaught of a larger crowd of people, the crank drive allows you to set an individual opening and closing sequence speed.


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FLAP 600 Paddle


  • Robust, weather-resistant design; suitable for inside and outside areas
  • Suitable for all AX500 SmartGates of the gantry and floor-mounted types
  • Crank drive with continuously adjustable speed for the OPENING and CLOSING sequence
  • Integrated photoelectric motion sensors with suppression of action for small objects, e.g. ski poles
  • CLOSING sequence is initiated by motion sensors or through TIME-OUT
  • Optional: Extra long swivel arms for extra wide access; flap arms in paddle style