Flap Glass

The elegant access control

The discreet and elegant looking Axess Flap Glass module is the ideal solution for museums, leisure and tourist attractions. The modern entrance invites visitors to step through the swing doors.
Two Flap Glass modules, on the right and left post of the entrance, create a modern, contactless entrance with their folding arms. Fast opening and closing movements with adjustable speed characterize the module variant. Intelligent sensors detect the presence of people in the access area and open automatically. This guarantees a completely contactless passage.

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Flap Glass


  • Elegant, inviting design due to the transparent doors made out of polycarbonate
  • Contactless access with adjustable opening and closing speed
  • Can be used as a passage barrier in closed position
  • Visual emphasis of the open-close movement through the wide paddle design
  • Presence sensor with suppression of small objects